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POSS Compounds The Spatial Structure
Nov 06, 2017

POSS is a new type of silicone material. POSS compounds have a highly symmetrical space structure. The molecular nucleus is a kind of silicon skeleton structure. The most common structure is that it contains eight Si atoms (T8), and the Si atoms of the vertex are connected to the same or different functional groups. Because of its highly symmetrical silicon-o bonds, POSS compounds have high stability and dielectric properties. It is widely used in aerospace, dielectric materials, refractories and wear-resistant materials. The price of the POSS itself is also falling. In recent years, the discussion of POSS compounds has become a hot topic, and the application fields have been greatly expanded. Based on the laboratory existing conditions, five kinds of synthesized multifunctional POSS compounds with different functional groups, and by IR, NMR, thermogravimetric analysis, element analysis and other characterization for characterization, the preparation of new compounds of POSS is forecasted. The preparation method of modified bisphenol A epoxy resin material is studied in this paper. The main modification strategies are physical doping and chemical grafting. The thermal stability, glass temperature and surface properties of modified epoxy resin were discussed. This paper attempts to systematically analyze and analyze the effects of different methods on the modified POSS compounds based on experimental results. In addition, POSS compounds have the characteristics of determining the size and rule structure of POSS compounds. In the preparation process of the ordered mesoporous/microporous carbon materials, it is roasting at high temperature of nitrogen to form silica. Using 10% HF solution of POSS compounds, and got a highly ordered mesoporous/microporous materials, and by transmission electron microscopy (tem) observation on the surface of different materials, can determine its structure is highly ordered.

Polysiloxane has the structure of random, cage, trapezoid and bridge, and there is a cage-like structure called POSS. POSS is the molecular level of organic inorganic hybrid materials, molecular formula (RSi1.5)n(n = 6,8, 10, even), POSS compound, R can be H, alkylene, alkyl a aryl, aromatic group [1]. The molecular core of POSS is the inorganic skeleton of silica oxygen, surrounded by organic groups, and the Si is connected to the R group space. The three dimensions of the POSS are about 13 nm, the smallest silicon particles

Peter is of polysilicon polyhedron of polycyclic cage silsesquioxane stereo silsesquioxane is one of the most typical, modified compound T8 symmetry structure is very strong, hexahedron in every face from silicon ring octane composition, molecular sieve and silica zeolite or most similar structure, is the most studied class of cage silsesquioxane

Most POSS molecules are white or colorless crystalline solid particles or transparent viscous liquid (with long alkyl chain substituents, such as C6H13). With the increase of the chain length of alkyl chain, the melting point and density of POSS are decreased, and the solubility of POSS compounds and volatile organic solvents is enhanced. Compared with traditional organic compounds, POSS derivatives do not release volatile organic compounds, so they are odorless environmental materials