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Amino Alkyl Silanes The Surface Tension Is Very Low
Nov 06, 2017

Amino alkyl silane has unique si-o bond structure si - o - si, with greater bond length and bond Angle, intermolecular intermolecular force is small, not like a normal organic molecules easy crystallization, therefore has the good permeability; The silicone polymer has excellent heat resistance and excellent softness. Its molecular chain has a spiral structure, a methyl group that extends outside, and amino alkyl silane makes its surface tension very low, good waterproof function; (si-h) has a large activity, which can be used to coagulate the crosslinking membrane at high temperature and the solution of metal saltwater. Organosilicon quaternary ammonium salt reactive group, antibacterial, mouldproof function, because structure, organic siloxane polymer with lubrication, softening, waterproofing agent, defoaming, prevent bacteria, mold and a series of features, used for cotton, linen, silk, wool, processing of various kinds of chemical fiber. Excellent performance, amino alkyl silane non - toxic, non - irritating odor environmental textile auxiliaries.

Silicone textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries from junior to senior development process, with organic silicone polymer activity, and the performance of the fiber, amino alkyl silane generally divided into three stages of development, the silicone fangzhizhuji the chemical reactivity of organic silicon polymer group is divided into three types: polysiloxane compounds is not active, active and passive.

Amino modified silicone is introduced in polycrystalline silicon polymer chain amino, so performance has been improved in many aspects of polysiloxane, amino alkyl silane amino silicone microemulsion preparation method has two: first, the bulk polymerization method for the preparation of amino silicone oil, and then emulsion into microemulsion, the second is the method of emulsion polymerization, the preparation of amino silicone microemulsion.

Amino polysiloxane, according to the location of the molecules of amino acids, amino silicone oil is a combination of fabric fiber, amino alkyl silane or polysiloxane, introducing the main body of a single, double, side chain and both - terminal chain fiber surface, leading to soft effect, give full play to the role of polysiloxane lubrication, chloroethyl aminopropyl amino silicone oil is the most commonly used amino silane coupling agent, had better be binding fiber, to connect alkyl polysiloxane subject to hydrolysis and heat is very stable, amino alkyl silane amino functional groups, such as by adjusting can be smooth, elastic and soft and other different effect, so some people called amino silicone softener.

In the process of textile finishing, organic silicone finishing agent can be used to process natural fibers and various synthetic fabrics. The fabric is not wrinkled, anti-fouling, anti-static, full, soft, elastic and glossy, and enhances the strength of fiber. Amino alkyl silane, but its disadvantage is that the treated fabric is hydrophobic, people feel hot, it is difficult to identify water wash. Soft treatment of silicon ether copolymer because of the presence of polyether molecules in the polyether segment, the fiber can preserve the original hydrophilicity. It shows the properties of natural fibers, has good feeling, and can improve the washable. Silane coupling agent and silicon resin for the product microemulsion copolymerization performance, with soft, smooth, comfortable fiber products, can be used to organize cotton, hemp, silk, wool and other natural fibers and polyester.

The softness of the fabric is designed to reduce the friction between the fibers and the human body, resulting in a soft touch. With the development of synthetic fibres, the use of amino-alkyl silane is becoming more common. After the fabric is soft and clean, it gives a soft and soft feeling, which is beautiful and comfortable, which can achieve the effect of stylization, high grade and functional. In particular, organic silicon softener modification products, as a new kind of fabric application green products, are increasing.

Organic silicon fluorine polymer finishing agent to make full use of the organic silicon compound soft, anti-wrinkle, anti-static, pollution prevention, waterproof and smooth and organic fluorine oil, waterproof processing, friction, improve fabric fullness and other characteristics, high-tech organic and organic fluorine copolymerization modification, and then according to the theory of Hansen had a uniform dispersion system, multi-function fabric finishing agent synthesis of high performance products. Silicone fluoropolymer is widely used in textile industry, textile, dyeing and finishing, sewing, etc. Aminoalkyl silane is a high value added fiber, a high value added fiber. New organosilicon fluoropolymer as fabric softener has good fiber affinity, can be self-crosslinking film, suitable for high-grade textile finishing. Cotton, wool and chemical fiber wool fabrics are soft, smooth and full, and have good washing resistance, which can improve the anti-fouling, anti-wrinkle, wear resistance and tear strength of fabrics.