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Epoxy Silane: Gamma-Glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane
Mar 09, 2017

Silane can be as a coupling agent in mineral-filled plastics to improve filler dispersibility, reduce its sedimentation tendency and greatly lowers the resin's viscosity. As a component of adhesives and sealants, Silane improves both adhesion to the substrate and mechanical properties such as flexural strength, tensile strength and modulus of elasticity.

As epoxy coupling agent, Silane is used in polysulfide-based and metal-filled epoxide resinous material.Improve the adhesion between inorganic stuffing, substrate material and resin, accordingly improve electrical property of electronic material which is made of epoxy resin.Silane can be widely used in multi-fillers and substrates such as clay, talcum, tricalcium silicate, silica, quartz, aluminum, copper and iron, including quartz-filled epoxy sealants, grail-filled epoxy resin and concrete patching material or coating, toner of modeling kits, and improving the dispersivity, fluidity of adhesive.

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