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Custom Synthesis Service

Custom ynthesis service is core business of Shanghai MOF Chemical Tech Limited, especially gram to kilogram scale, and also commercial scale we can provide you at competitive price. We can handle difficult chemical synthesis projects that require fast turnaround and clear communication of results.

Our Most Frequent Custom Synthesis Requests


-Nitrogen-containing Heterocyclic Compounds


-Squaric Acid

-Furan Compounds

Additional services include

- Small molecules

- Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Analogs, Metabolites

- Reference compounds,Impurities

- Process design and scale-up

- fine chemicals and special chemicals

-Chemical Reagents Out-Sourcing Service

We are a fast-paced company. Most enquiries can be answered in 12-24 hours(workday), but not over 48 hours.

Since we have a broad international connection with other suppliers and manufacturers, we can help you on all your chemistry needs, please feel free to contact us.