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Chemical Reagents Out-Sourcing Service

We aim to provide technology and industrial customers throughout the world with product resources and supporting technical services. Our products be widely used in scientific research institutions, testing institutions, environmental monitoring, biological, pharmaceutical, petrochemical industry, hospitals, health, space technology, and public safety.

The products include 

-general reagents 

-drug synthesis reagents

-chiral compounds

-catalysts & ligands

-analytical reagents 

-biochemical reagents

-reference/standard chemicals

And featured product line


-metal catalysts

-bio-tech buffers

-boron compouds

-trace metals basis 

-buchwald ligands

-pybox ligands

-organic protective groups

-reference/standard chemicals

-organic cyano compounds

-fluorescent reagent

-OLED intermediates

-pharmaceutical intermediates 

-biological active inhibitors

-ribos,nucleic acid,nucleoside

-organofluorine compounds

-steriuds hormone

-traditional chinese medicine reference substance

-environmental science products

We can also offer :

-custom synthesis service

-custom manufacturing service

More than 15,000 kinds of products in stock, and the number is still increasing. The flexible production line can quickly provide small batch and a variety of products which can satisfy the lab-scale research, pilot production and even large-scale production.