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Shanghai MOF Chemical Tech Limited(merged by Shanghai Macklin Biochemical Co., Ltd in 2015) is a leading manufacturer and supplier for high-end research and production chemicals,from small scale to commercial scale. We aim to provide technology and industrial customers throughout the world with product resources and supporting technical services.

With base in shanghai, and more than 10years experience, the convenient and all-around service can be provided to customers worldwide.


Our products and service focus on:


Nitrogen-containing Heterocyclic Compounds


Squaric Acid

Furan Compounds

Custom Synthesis Service(Especially in previous series relatives compounds.)

Chemical Reagents Out-Sourcing Service(More than 20,000 kinds of products)

Our word is “Thinking of your demand and Matching your need”. Behaving with Honesty and Credibility, and offering professional service with preciseness, we can successfully provide the qualified product and service all the time for our customers. No matter you are a small Biotech company or a Global pharmaceutical company Contact with us, you will receive a perfect reply! 

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