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SSpecializing in manufacturing organosilanes, benzocyclobutene, squaric acid, furan compounds, nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds with high quality and high purity at a competitive price, MOF Chemical is a professional organosilanes supplier and exporter in China, welcome to buy products in stock from our factory. With base in shanghai, and more than 10years experience, the convenient and all-around service can be provided to customers worldwide.


Featured Products

Organic Polysiloxanes Derivative Action

Polysiloxane is a kind of polymer with repeated si-o bond, which is directly connected wit

Amino Alkyl Silanes The Surface Tension Is Very Low

Amino alkyl silane has unique si-o bond structure si - o - si, with greater bond length an

Manufacturing Process

Provide catalogue products, custom synthesis,custom manufacturing service,and out-sourcing service.

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